Brainstorm Media is a Hong Kong company and mental ideas hub, following the business model of a US benefit corporation. Our innovative & inclusive projects and platforms support public consciousness of mental health issues, self-expression, artistic creativity and social enterprise.
Brainstorm provides access to arts and media opportunities for people of all ages & abilities who are coping with “invisible” (mental) health issues, directly and indirectly.
Quality arts & media experiences enrich and assist recovery from mental illness by offering new ways of channeling energy, rebuilding shattered self-esteem, making sense of intense emotions that are hard to voice, coming to terms with the traumatic life events that may have triggered mental illness and analyzing world perspectives.
Amongst the multitude of crucial benefits our projects provide are enhanced creativity, self-knowledge, self-expression, self-esteem, communication, leadership & collaborative skills. Brainstorm consistently reinforces the truth that we all matter and can equally make a lasting contribution to shaping our communities and our world.
In creating all our projects, we pay special attention to the causes of mental illness (e.g. loneliness due to a sudden job transfer, isolating disabilities, loss, family breakdown, etc.) in order to provide creative relief, understanding & inspiration for Hong Kong ‘Brainstormers’ and our global community of activists and supporters.
Our annual Brainstorm Awards reward individuals and non-profit organizations that share our mission: to fight the stigma & stereotypes attached to mental illness and to support those affected with inspirational creative opportunities.


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